Interruptions at DanceAdvantage.Net

I sincerely apologize to anyone who has tried to access Dance Advantage and has not been able to do so. The site should be up and running again very soon. I had no warning myself of this interruption in service so I am wringing my hands until its return. Until then, I have temporarily stopped routing of the old version of the blog (hosted at to the domain.

What that means is that, though this situation is unfortunate, it may be a great time to check out the archives and past posts which can still be seen at the former location. You can still search the blog and look through the quick topics for items that might be of interest. The entries are all there, up through late March when I migrated my blog to self-hosting. So, please, have a look around. You may want to hold any comments you have until after is fixed, however. When it is, this “old version” will once again be routed and typing in its url will take you to

If you visit and see that it still looks a bit odd, is not loading, or worse – you see nothing, please try again later.

Thank you for your interest in the blog. Please feel free to contact me via OR through the contact form at (both will work). There is a real person behind and I do my very best to answer your questions. I appreciate your patience!



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Nichelle balances careers as a dancer, instructor, writer, and mother. She is a seasoned performer whose strength lies in bringing dramatic

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