A Peek at Company Clare Dyson’s Voyeur

In Voyeur two performers, Dyson herself and Jonathan Sinatra, are within a large box. Its many holes offer viewing points, each one different and each revealing different aspects of the performers. Some have binoculars, others headphones through which the audience member will hear personal revelations from the dancers. Members of the audience may move in the space at will, allowing one to vary his/her proximity, to listen to things that are individually relevant, to choose how and to what degree he/she wants to engage with the work or the environment.

Pat Graney’s House of Mind Adds Dimension to Contemporary Dance Art

It would probably be possible to present the choreographic elements of Pat Graney’s House of Mind on a traditional proscenium stage. An audience member could purchase their ticket, enter the theater’s “house,” find his/her seat, and watch at a comfortable distance as dancers move exquisitely about and interact with portions of a carefully constructed set. […]