Suchu Dance – How to Absorb the Colorama Format

How to Absorb the Colorama Format

Suchu Dance’s second premiere of the 2008-09 season, features six newly recruited and four veteran Suchu Dance performing artists in this breathtaking and unusual dance theatre premiere conceived and crafted by Suchu Dance founder and artistic director Jennifer Wood.   Set inside one continuous, 45-foot diameter circle of 13-foot tall translucent panels enveloping both performers and audience alike, with dramatic lighting by Suchu Dance resident light designer Jeremy Choate, the scale of this production is at once intimate and gargantuan, with imagery that is bold, colorful, at times surreal.   Wood’s cutting-edge, powerful, and highly inventive choreography is complemented by even more of her unique creative contributions:  original stop-frame video animation, a dazzling array of costumes, her signature humor and twists, and a few select Wood original musical compositions.

Thursday, March 5: dinner at 7 pm catered by Huynh, Houston’s hottest, most critically-acclaimed new Vietnamese restaurant, followed by Sneak Preview show at 8 pm — $29.99 (or show only for just $14)
Friday, March 6: show at 8 pm — $16
Saturday, March 7: show at 8 pm — $18
Thursday, March 12: show at 8 pm — $14
Friday, March 13: show at 8 pm — $16
Saturday, March 14: show at 8 pm — $18

Additional $4 discount per ticket if purchased 24 hrs in advance or student/senior at door.

Artistic direction, choreography, costuming: Jennifer Wood

Light design: Jeremy Choate

Performers: Stephanie Beall, Chelsea Books, Kristen Frankiewicz, Lydia Hance, Ashley Horn, Leo Muñoz, Jessica Prachyl, Tina Shariffskul, LaKesha Sowell, Nichelle Strzepek

Yes, that’s me!

As always, a week before a show opens, it feels like there is so much to try and pull together. There are certainly a lot of elements in this show. As mentioned above, a huge curtain of panels surrounds the stage and audience. Entrances and exits can come from just about anywhere! The lighting is sure to be inventive (I haven’t seen it yet) but Jeremy always has something up his sleeve! The music includes an eclectic mix of styles and soundscapes. And, for this show, Jennifer has created some colorful and whimsical animations that will fascinate and amuse. Oh yeah! There’s dancing too! The work is imaginative and often juxtapositions elements that are unexpectedly cohesive – well, I think so anyway – but you’ll have to see for yourself!

So what’s it all about anyway?

Well, if you’re looking for a story, there isn’t one. Unlike ballet or other narrative dance works, there are no characters or plots (not in the traditional sense, anyway). In this case, the work allows the viewer to look for their own meaning or story, and understand the relationships between people, or music choices, or video segments in their own way. Often the movement exists simply for movement’s sake without much intention to express something. Therefore, each audience member is free to interpret for themselves what they see in the dance. Or not! They are also free to watch, enjoy, laugh, cry, and just be present – witnesses to theatrical magic and mystery!

The elements of the production don’t exist in a vacuum, however. There are relationships (though you may have to search to find them). And, certainly the inspiration for these components come from somewhere. In fact, if you’re wondering about the title, I suspect… yes, even the dancers are typically kept in the dark… that the Kodak Coloramas were an influence in the naming and design of this particular show. But, again, you’ll have to see for yourself to determine if I’m right!

We are excited to premiere this new work so I hope you’ll come out and see it. Jennifer Wood’s choreography is always creative and a bit zany. You are sure to chuckle and maybe even guffaw! And, seriously, how often do you get to do that at a dance performance? (not enough!)

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