Nichelle Suzanne

I am a digital content strategist whose intuition for relationship marketing and years of experience creating multi-platform messages has helped me tell engaging stories and build community through social media, blogs, magazines, websites and email. I owe my adaptability, dependability, creativity and much more to my many years of training and experience in dance and the performing arts. As the owner of, a website providing valuable advice and resources for dance students, teachers and parents, I still help guide and support the training of dancers. For brands and artists, I’ve worked collaboratively and autonomously to develop event and product marketing, as well as personal brand strategy. I will perform so that you or your company can take the spotlight and shine.

What I do


Featured articles for print and online magazines that tell the stories of organizations, events and individuals. See samples.

Journalism and Criticism

Reporting and critical review of performing arts and cultural events. See samples.

Digital Content

Valuable blog articles and digital resources optimized for humans and search engines. See samples.

Projects and Campaigns

Projects and campaigns I’ve developed or lead. See my digital portfolio.

My services