The Last One Before a Global Pandemic

Picture it: Early March 2020.

I’d had the pleasure of interviewing Trey McIntyre about his latest Houston Ballet commission Pretty Things and submitted my preview to Arts+Culture Texas. Little did I know the run of the triple bill Forged in Houston where Pretty Things would make its debut alongside two popular works previously crafted on the company—Jorma Elo’s ONE|end|ONE and Hush by Christopher Bruce—was about to be interrupted by a global pandemic.

Little did I know that life—and art—as we knew it would be interrupted for months.

I look forward to a time when we can all get back to the anticipation of a premiere and the dimming lights of a space made for magic. Until then, I invite you to read my last story before the COVID-19 disruption.

Published by Nichelle

Nichelle balances careers as a dancer, instructor, writer, and mother. She is a seasoned performer whose strength lies in bringing dramatic

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