I can’t wait to work with you on your web content or online presence.

I will perform so that your company can take the spotlight and shine.


Articles/Blog Post Creation

You choose the topic; I’ll write original content for your website or blog, keeping your audience, keywords and publishing goals in mind. It will be content you won’t hesitate to share again and again.

My fees are negotiable and will depend on the amount of research and number of edits required on my part. Select subjects may include dance or performing arts, blogging or social media, motherhood or parenting, women in leadership, and teaching or working with youth.


Blog or Guest Post Edit

Give me a blog post and I’ll improve it from headline to footnotes because there’s no point in publishing something that isn’t going to help you meet your goals. What makes my service stand out? If you are a self-publisher, I’ll tell you what I’ve done and why so that you can learn from my edits.

Email Consultation

Website or Blog Evaluation

You have a website but want or need to improve its look, function or content to get more readers or customers. I will make specific improvement recommendations, providing you with a clear and easy-to-read action plan that is based upon my own years of experience and online research that will help you make a fantastic first impression on visitors to your site.

Social Media Review

Your website isn’t the only face you present to the world. If you’re like most brands, you are using social media to represent yourself or your business. I bring over a decade of experience and success on Facebook and Twitter, and regularly use platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and more for business. I will review up to 3 of your social media accounts, and provide you with a list of improvements and suggestions for using each one to effectively engage followers.

Web Presence Package

Combine the Website evaluation with the Social Media review at a discount and you’ll walk away with tasks you can apply immediately to refine your entire web presence. Consultations, while not providing a comprehensive marketing strategy, do provide guidance on ways you can be using your web presence to better meet goals and fulfill existing strategy for your business.

Face-to-Face Consultation

Brain-picking Consultation

This brainstorm is designed to meet you where you are. In an hour-long session via phone or video-conferencing, I’ll provide effective ideas, answers, insights, tactics — whatever you need — to give you the start or the boost you need as you grow and develop your website or brand. A preliminary email questionnaire will help you organize your thoughts and questions to make the most of our time. You will receive a follow-up email recapping our discussion. Potential topics for discussion might include:

  • How to grow your blog readership
  • Social media
  • Handling situations/putting out fires
  • How to improve/brand your blog
  • Using WordPress (.com or .org)
  • Monetizing your blog
  • Content ideas or scheduling
  • How to stay motivated

Website Evaluation + Consultation

If you have a website or blog — or are about to launch one — that will represent you or your business, you can’t afford to waste time wondering if you’re headed in the right direction. This consultation package includes a preliminary questionnaire to identify your most pressing questions and concerns, a full website evaluation, and a ninety-minute discussion via phone or video conferencing. You’ll also get a detailed action plan that includes the changes you need to make to take your site to the next level, as well as notes from our discussion.

Web Presence Evaluation + Consultation

Everything that’s included in the Website Evaluation and Consultation — the questionnaire, website evaluation and 90-minute conference — plus a social media review of all your accounts. The result is a personalized action plan and key discussion points that covers it all!

I can’t wait to help you get your website or your next project moving! If you are interested in one of the services above, have questions or want to work together email me using the form below.

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