Dancing Diana

Photo by Anthony Rathburn
Photo by Anthony Rathbun

I had the pleasure not long ago to participate in The Frenetic Fringe Festival here in Houston, performing a work titled Dancing Diana. Featuring colorful stories and text by Diana Weeks, it was choreographed by Lydia Hance, whom I’ve danced with in Suchu Dance.

I had little chance to write about the experience here. The rehearsal period was quite short. Each dancer worked one-on-one with Lydia, learning a solo (or duet) within just a few sessions. I happened to have a vacation planned with my family so I was able to learn my solo portion of the choreography before leaving town for two-and-a-half weeks.

The show opened one week from the date my family and I returned. We had essentially two rehearsals to learn and feel comfortable with the connective tissue (all the performers remain on stage during the solos and Diana herself is featured on stage as if watching or remembering her experiences). Then, it was time for dress rehearsal (the first time we were actually all together) and three performances!

The feedback was very positive and I feel grateful to have been part of the process and performance. Robert Boyd wrote about the event on his blog. The photo featuring yours truly above (as well as some more wonderful moments from the festival) can be found at the Freneticore website and was taken by Anthony Rathbun.

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