Playing the Field — Week 4

Some quick notes, lessons, perceptions from Week 4 of the Fieldwork workshop (last Wednesday – Sept. 30, 2009). I did not show this week.

  • I am reminded of the power of silence, pause, and stillness in all types of work.
  • Art is powerful when it nourishes the continuation of thought and provides images which the brain continues to process afterward.
  • Laughter is a gateway.
  • Never underestimate the appeal and effect of a well-placed zinger.
  • Memory is shadow – a glimmer, a remnant, a silhouette of reality but no less real and significant… just intangible.
  • Each person brings to the viewing of art, not only their own background, perceptions, insights, but their own desires and expectations.

Some notes on my own process…

I have developed some clarity in the goals for myself. Now I’m working out how to get there. Obligations in other aspects of my life sometimes leave me with little time or energy for the process. Finding moments to myself are difficult and ideally would be more carefully set aside.  With the workshop nearly half over, I’m feeling a bit pressed for time.

As for movement vocabulary, I’ve been working with isolated parts or regions of my body – compartmentalizing them. Though this “part” is the initiator and/or focus for designated periods in the movement phrases the rest of me seeks to estrange or alienate this “part”. Sometimes the body part is affecting transition, or change, or affecting nothing at all.

Descriptions and questions by viewers of my last rough draft: Torment. Buffeted. Puppet. Primal. Intimate. Vulnerability. Outside forces. Vertigo. Tension.

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