10 Of My Favorite Dance Articles From 2015

  1. 12 Traits of Terrific Dance Teachers 
  2. Help! I Needed Those Dance Costumes Yesterday (What to do when customer service is failing you) 

    The Dance Majors Freshman Fifteen
    The infographic I created for the related article.
  3. Pointe Shoes Receive Tough Love From Houston Ballet Dancers (How HB Ballerinas Prepare Their Pointe Shoes) 
  4. Dance Auditions For Non-Dancers 
  5. Dance Class Etiquette Essentials
  6. Do I Have To Be In Shape To Start Taking Dance Class?
  7. 15 Ways To Prepare For Your First Year As A College Dance Major
  8. Things I Never Thought About Before Becoming A Dance Teacher
  9. How To Clean Practically Anything Dance Related 
  10. What The Nutcracker Is A Mirliton, Anyway? (A Little History On The Inhabitants Of The Kingdom Of Sweets)

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