Notable Accomplishments

Writing/Content Creation

  • Dance Advantage reaches visitors world-wide every month, rivaling and sometimes surpassing the influence of websites belonging to top dance media publications in the United States.
  • Penned the cover story, Fueling Contemporary Dance in Texas, for the August 2015 issue of Arts+Culture Texas magazine, which is distributed throughout the state.
  • Presented the whats, hows, and whys of blogging on a panel at the 2012 conference for Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance, to better equip artists and companies for engaging their audience and new readers through online branding and content.


  • Over 25 years of professional experience as a dance teacher, including as adjunct dance faculty at Penn State University (Altoona campus) and Lone Star College (Kingwood campus).
  • Performed at Houston’s Wortham Center with Suchu Dance at the 2009 Dance/USA conference.
  • Presented choreography performed by Penn State students at the Northeast Regional ACDFA festival in 2002 and choreographed and performed a contemporary piece titled, Induction at the 1999 PSAHPERD Conference as a student representative of Slippery Rock University.
  • Recognized as Outstanding Dance Major of 1998-99 by the Department of Dance at Slippery Rock University and the National Dance Association.
  • Chosen by professor Nola Nolen, as one of six dance majors to collaborate on a submission for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR 99), which involved researching and submitting abstracts for publication and presenting the results of the choreographic research conducted for this project.
  • Selected to perform choreography by Nola Nolen in Asheville, NC with an ensemble of dancers from Slippery Rock University for a concert benefiting the Shawn Kirschbaum Memorial Fund.

What others say about Nichelle…

“Nichelle, May you touch the lives of many others in the lasting way you touched mine.”

Adult student writes appreciation

“As an artist, Nichelle excels in the areas of choreography and performance. She has a fine talent for choreography and works very well with undergraduate students, as well as with younger children. She is a also an outstanding performer, and her strength lies in bringing dramatic works to life on stage.”

Nora Ambrosio, Chairperson, Slippery Rock University Dance Department

“Nichelle is one of those teachers that puts a lot of windows in her teaching.”

dance workshop participant and dance parent

“You are a great teacher and all of us girls really appreciate all the time, support, energy, and care you put into everything. I thank you for everything you do for us. I feel that I have become stronger this year in ballet thanks to you!”

ballet student expresses thanks

“Nichelle offers an honest and real perspective of the dance world. She truly cares for her profession and you know that quickly when you browse her blog. Well worth the time. I am honored to be acquainted with her.”

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CEO, Mental Performances

“Dance this summer has meant so much to me. I looked forward to coming every period… I hope to be as patient and mature with the kids as you are.”

Danbee dance staff member and aspiring teacher

“…a true inspiration, setting a standard we will all strive to achieve.”

thank-you letter from students

“Nichelle Strzepek is a powerful voice in the dance world and I hold her in the highest regard. She is a dance advocate, writer, performer, teacher and choreographer who believes in the beauty and importance of movement and dance for all.”

Camille Monson, Dance Instructor and follower

“Thanks for inspiring me to find my soul in dancing.”

modern dance student

“There will always be those students who ‘get it’ and are ready to use it, and who will go on to inspire others. Nichelle has received that spark of inspiration and is… imparting it to others.”

Joan Kennedy-Kirkpatrick, Kennedy Dance Centre

“I am hearing great things about the program. Your talent is so evident and your camp involvement is most appreciated. Our girls are lucky to have you here.”

Jay Toporoff, Camp Danbee Director

“…this is the first dance class I’ve taken, you were confident and encouraging even when I wasn’t… you are the first person I knew that can describe how something should feel to where I actually have a better understanding. You could have easily ignored me and stuck me in the back of your mind while teaching because I was new, but instead you made sure I understood everything and helped me when I needed it.”

high school student and beginning dancer who was inspired to go on to take dance classes in college because of her experience

“There are so many things that can go wrong in a community production of Fiddler on the Roof: Singers not up to snuff. Dances that are little more than moving circles and waving arms…it’s Strzepek’s choreography that catches the eye…Tradition, To Life, and the Chava sequence – each offering a little something different in movement – work.”

Carl Hoover, Waco Tribune-Herald

“…very reliable and shows her sincerity for dance by her intense concentration and dedication to the art form. She sets an example for all those around her.”

Istvan Ament, former director ODU Ballet
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