Pat Graney’s House of Mind Adds Dimension to Contemporary Dance Art

It would probably be possible to present the choreographic elements of Pat Graney's House of Mind on a traditional proscenium stage. An audience member could purchase their ticket, enter the theater's "house," find his/her seat, and watch at a comfortable distance as dancers move exquisitely about and interact with portions of a carefully constructed set. [...]

Audition for Site Specific in Austin

FUSEBOX FESTIVAL AUDITION NOTICE What: Auditions for Bodies in Urban Spaces as part of the Fusebox Festival in April 09 Who: Choreographer Willi Dorner presented by Fusebox and the Austrian Cultural Trust When: Auditions will be held from noon till 4pm on Sunday Feb 15th @ the Blue Theater (916 Springdale Rd, Austin TX). The [...]

Returning and Readjusting

Returning While living in Waco I had little opportunity to perform and spent almost five years teaching dance at private studios, a community college, and other organizations. I am passionate about teaching but I missed the creative and physical challenge of dancing within a company. We moved back to Houston while I was eight months [...]

Going to Bat for Boys in Ballet

The Pick-Me-Up Not long ago, I had the "yipee!" moment of discovering a new dance blog. And within this blog, I found a great link to an audio interview with three male dancers in which they discussed their experiences growing up in dance, their thoughts on Billy Elliot, and more. I found the interview very [...]