Traversing the Iberian Peninsula with Sara Draper and Dancepatheatre

In a one-night-only, June 20 repertory concert, Memories of Spain, Dancepatheatre traversed the Iberian Peninsula with postcard precision. A glimpse of the region's ancient history, a peek at its rhythmical underpinning, a gander at its cultural temperament. Including revisited work, dance in development, and a premiere performance, the evening managed to coalesce into an enticing mosaic, depicting not only Spanish culture, but Draper's own creative sojourns.

Lucky Seven: Janie Yao, Randall Flinn, and Amy Cain talk about Chinese dance, sharing culture, and East Meets West

Dance of Asia America has done tremendous work, bringing authentic and contemporary Chinese dance to Houstonians. For the last seven years, they have welcomed spring with East Meets West, a presentation arranging Chinese dance side-by-side with dance forms of Western culture. The show will be presented free of charge at Miller Outdoor Theatre on May [...]