Rice Owlentines

Owl You Need is Love

Many students meet their future spouses at Rice. The annual Rice Owlentines campaign celebrates alumni couples and features their love stories over Valentine’s Day.

About the campaign

Not tied to any particular department initiative or event, or even academic/career achievement #RiceOwlentines stories are engaging social media content that highlight a unique subset of the Rice community and encourage others to share and participate. Since debuting in 2019, the campaign has become a welcome tradition and annual form of recognition on the Rice Alumni accounts. Couples with strong ties often give back to the university and, for some, participation in #RiceOwlentines may be their first touchpoint.

Call to Action – Submission

Rice Owlentines are asked to submit their photos and stories on the Rice Alumni website.

Did Rice play a part in your love story? If you and your partner first locked eyes at Fondren or bonded over Beer Bike, we want to hear from you! Fill out the form and provide photos of you and your Rice Owlentine. We’ll feature you on social media during the month of February.

Sharing Love Stories

Happy Owlentine’s Day!

Who doesn’t love to send a Valentine to someone special? Digital Owlentines are made for spreading the love.

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